Now Available! Stonelight


“STONELIGHT is a triumph.”

—Rebecca Gayle Howell

“For a century and more, it has been our women, hillbilly women, who—despite corporate warfare and starvation, disease, poverty, abuse—have led the nation to believe in and take up the right we have to own our labor, to believe in and fight for the dignity of work. I actually pray, every day I pray, that today’s generation of women will rise to tell our story, write our story, bearing its mythos and universal power for those who will need it next. Then Sarah McCartt-Jackson’s debut landed in my lap. A true poetry that bends into this history with such precise vision and moral, human clarity—not to mention beauty—that I am astonished it is her first book. STONELIGHT is a triumph.”—Rebecca Gayle Howell

Order Now!

Order your copy of Sarah McCartt-Jackson’s debut poetry collection Stonelight, winner of the inaugural Airlie Prize from Airlie Press:

  1. Order directly from Sarah and have your book signed for you!
  2. Order from the Airlie Press website:
  3. Order from Small Press Distribution (where Stonelight was listed as recommended reading).

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